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I am 'il docente' and I can be your English teacher in Milano!

I have been working as a teacher here in Italy since 2006 and have worked for several of the larger schools in Milan but in 2010 I decided to start working independently. Although I have taught mostly in larger multinational companies, I also teach teaching private individuals and am experienced in exam preparation. As a hobby, I am also helping to build an online school, which is now close to completion.

experienced in teaching, experienced in business

Although I have been teaching successfully in Italy for 5 years, I have a business management background. I have a lot of experience in advertising and marketing, plus I worked in sales for several years, eventually becoming UK Sales Manager for a car component company. In the course of my work I have dealt with some of the biggest companies in the UK and Europe and have a very good understanding of the realities of business and the importance of human relationships. This is a big advantage in teaching because every English course is based around a personal relationship; between you and me.

I understand Italian, but in lessons I will only speak in English. In other words, you are forced to speak in English, not Italian!

I am an independent teacher, and I am also a member of the 'insegnanti-inglese' group, which is a group of independent English teachers based in the Milan and Saronno areas. As independent teachers we don't operate from a fixed school and this means that all lessons take place in the comfort of your own home or your workplace.

Whilst thinking of what I should say on this page I remembered a website I visited a short time ago. The website belonged to an Italian who who offers English lessons. He tells visitors to his site that it is better to have an Italian teacher, not a mothertongue English teacher. He believes, or says, that Italians can teach English better than mothertongue teachers. His website explains that he has a certificate for C1 level English, which is a good level for a non-native speaker, but I have two students with a higher level than that! However, I have heard this argument before. So, before you choose a teacher, ask yourself this question :

a mothertongue english teacher or an italian with a certificate?

Why are you studying English and who do you need to speak to in English? Will you use English to speak to Italian people? If so, find an Italian who can teach English. You will understand his or her accent perfectly, you will make exactly the same mistakes as he or she does and you will be very happy with what you learn. You won't need to understand mothertongue speakers.

However, if you expect to speak to British, Americans, Australians or other European people speaking English, choose a mothertongue English teacher! Why? Firstly, the English that a native speaker uses is different to the English that an Italian, for example, will use. The range of idioms, phrasal verbs and even simple sentence structures that a native speaker uses will be much wider, much more varied and also much more natural than those taught by a non-native. Your listening abilities will develop much faster and you will begin to recognise a far greater vocabulary than if you are taught by a non-native. If you wanted to learn to speak Italian, would you choose a native Italian teacher, or a Russian with a certificate in Italian?

I am a mother-tongue English teacher. All my lessons are tailor-made to suit my students. I cannot change the English language to suit you, nor delete the present perfect tense if you struggle to understand it, but I can adapt your lessons to ensure that you learn what you need to learn as quickly, and as well as possible. Be assured that, as an experienced English teacher, I am well aware of the difficulties Italians face when they are learning English and can help you overcome them!

If you want to know if I am the best teacher for you, put it to the test. I am happy to provide a 'test' lesson to allow you to meet me and see how well we communicate with each other. This first lesson is not a conventional lesson but a conversation session. It allows me to assess you as a student and gives you the chance to form an opinion about me. Give it a try; it's free!