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Most students choose to study 'General English' or 'Business English'. A Business English course covers exactly the same grammar that is studied in a General English Course. The differences relate to the context that the language is used in and the vocabulary. A Business English course focusses on using English in everyday business activities, for example using English on the telephone, using English in negotiations, meetings and presentations, writing letters to business clients, and job interviews

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Most companies who are recruiting new employees expect you to have a "good level of English". Your English level may be good enough, but if you haven't used your English for a long time will be good enough to give you an advantage in a job interview, or will you struggle to remember the right words if, for example, you are asked to present your Cv or job experience in English?

Even if your English level is good enough for the new job you want, if your fluency or confidence deserts you during the job interview, you'll never be able to prove it.

Only a long-term English course can help you improve your level significantly, but if you want a chance to practice your English before an interview, I can help you. If it is an emergency, and you have been asked to attend an interview at short notice, I also offer short intensive pre-interview lessons.

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