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English is the international language of business and the better your employees speak English, the easier it is to do business overseas. Providing English courses for your employees can help them to operate more effectively, and so enhance your company's efficiency.

I can provide either custom courses to suit your specific needs, or standard Business English courses. A standard Business English course focusses on the grammar and vocabulary required to communicate effectively in an international business environment, and concentrates on business functions such as making telephone calls, using English in negotiations, meetings and presentations, plus written English. A typical complete course requires approximately 65-75 hours of lessons and a similar commitment (for home study) from your employees.

Individual courses are the most effective way to learn English as they require students to work harder than they would if they were studying as part of a group. Individual English courses are the best option where improvements need to be both rapid and sustained. However, if you want to balance effective lessons and cost-efficiency, the best solution is to organise lessons for small groups of up to 4 students with the same ability levels of ability. Senior managers may prefer to follow a one to one course, but as it helps to develop listening skills, a group course should not be ignored.

I also provide short-term intensive English courses, ideal for employees who need to improve or practice their English for a particular reason; perhaps to prepare for an important meeting or presentation.

For details of costs and to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs, please email me today.