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English courses for groups

In most cases, a one to one private english course is the most effective way to study. However, if you can study with two or three friends, it can be almost as effective, and also very enjoyable. Not only that, as the costs are shared between you and your friends, it is often the most economical way to study english! You can follow exactly the same course and materials as a group as you would if you had a private one to one english course.

You should be aware that as you have a little less time for individual practice, it takes a little longer to complete a full course; for example a complete B1 intermediate course would normally require about 65 hours of lessons if you study as an individual, but the same course would normally require about 75 hours for a group of 4 students. The extra time ensures that you all have adequate time to practice speaking

It is important that all members of the group have the same, or similar levels of ability and fluency, so I must perform a level test on each potential member of the group before a course is agreed upon.

If you want studying English to be fun, why not study with friends? Email me for costs and to arrange a discussion.