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private english lessons

I provide English lessons to students at all levels. It doesn't matter if you have never spoken English before, want to improve your English for personal reasons, are studying at a high level for university, or need English to help you do your job; I can help you!

All students are different and have different needs and abilities, so whatever type of course you need, it will be adapted to suit your personal and unique requirements.

standard english courses

Unless you only need to practice English for a short-term objective, for example to prepare for a job interview, you should consider a long-term English course. There are internationally recognised levels which measure your English ability and fluency. These levels are:

  • A1   (elementary)     |    A2   (pre-intermediate)
  • B1   (intermediate)   |    B2   (upper-intermediate)
  • C1   (advanced)       |    C2   (Proficiency)

short courses

I also provide short-term English courses to help you prepare for specific events, for example holidays abroad, job interviews, meetings and so on. This type of course can vary in length according to your objectives. I also provide English conversation lessons, to help students who don't want to study gramar but want to improve their general fluency and comprehension.

lesson locations

As I have explained in my 'about me' page, I am an independent English teacher working in the Milano area. I don't work for a traditional language school, so lessons are not held in a cold classroom, but in the comfort of your home, or at your workplace. This is actually the best solution because it allows you to feel more relaxed during lessons and is obviously more convenient because you don't have to travel before and after lessons!

For information about costs and to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs, email me today.

free english resources


There are lots of free resources available on the internet that can help you to study and practice English.

These include English language news sites, sites which offer exercises and quizzes to give you grammar and vocabulary practice, plus free online dictionaries and much more.